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Linking Laconically Is Making Adjustments

Recapping some stuff you may have missed.

Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

This breakdown from the mothership of MSU's defense is both spot-on and optimistic for next year. That second game of the season against Oregon is going to be very interesting. An improved defense could also be a good sign for the showdown against Ohio State, too, given that Cook's return should signal a solid offense.

Also from the mothership blog, a nice write-up of the recruiting class Tom Izzo has put together for 2015. Spoiler alert: it's really good.

If you're not following Bill Connelly's football countdown series, you're doing it wrong. Here's his Air Force preview, which I thought was especially helpful given that we haven't seen them play MSU in... well, in awhile.

Matt Costello had some arthroscopic knee surgery that went well and shouldn't have a ton of affect on next year. I do wonder how effective he might've been without the knee bothering him, since BPM seemed to be high on him.

There's nothing being said about the Michigan-Michigan State rivalry that you haven't heard before, but it's clear Dantonio and Harbaugh aren't huge fans of each other. There are also some interesting positional notes from Rexrode. I guess we'll lay off calling for his firing for this post, at least.

In basketball recruiting, here are a couple fun nuggets from Matt: