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The EDSBS Charity Bowl: For Sparty Tattoos

Let's get Spencer Hall a Sparty Tattoo

Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

Today marked the beginning of the EDSBS Charity Bowl. What is the EDSBS Charity Bowl you ask? Well it is an annual fundraising competition put on by one of  our College Football leaders at SB Nation, Every Day Should be Saturday and founder Spencer Hall.

It is raising money for New American Pathways, an organization that helps refugees settle in the Clarkston, GA area. From the link posted above explaining why this is a drive for this charity:


A lot of reasons, actually. First, we used to work in that community as a youth education program coordinator. Second, they're a fantastic organization working with a population that really needs the help. Third, because it pays off in the form of new Americans who buy in harder to the American dream than you could have ever dreamed possible.

Michigan has won this competition almost every year, as MGoBlog gets involved and does a great job driving donations. For instance last year Michigan raised over $10,000 while Georgia came in 2nd with around $4000 raised.

So why donate?

Well besides the great cause and the chance to beat Michigan in something besides football and basketball this year there are additional perks. The EDSBS site will be outfitted in the school's winning colors, an entire Hatin' Ass Spurrier column is devoted to ripping on the winning school's rivals and random celebrity guest calls to big donors.

Finally, if $30,000 is raised Spencer Hall will get the mascot tattooed on his body. We can turn this Gators' fan into a Spartan for life with a Sparty tattoo.

How do I participate?

Here's the link to the donation website. Be sure to click the drop down menu and donate for Michigan State to help towards the team total. Also, have some fun with the donation amount. Donate $48 for the negative 48 rushing yards for Michigan in 2013. Or donate a final score of your favorite win over a rival.

I know The Only Colors is a great community of Spartans' fans who can find it in them to donate (any amount is appreciated) to this great cause, and why not have some fun while we do it?