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Linking Laconically Is Taking A Trip

Recapping some MSU news

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Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports


It was announced yesterday that the basketball team is headed to Italy this summer. I like this idea for this particular team because it will take time for the insane depth to sort itself into well-defined roles. The main concern has to be injury, but the timing works such that a minor injury shouldn't have any effect on conference play. Also, the depth probably mitigates the risk of injury somewhat, as well.


MSU unveiled new uniforms last night. Here's part of the press release:

The phalanx battle formation, perfected by ancient Spartan warriors, represents an impenetrable unified front and is known as one of the most feared tactical formations in history. The all-new alternate Spartan football uniform brings this story to life, visually representing the phalanx when the team stands side-by-side on the field. Influenced by Spartan shields, bronze sleeve caps house the MSU logo and pay homage to the gridiron warrior's homeland. The alternate jersey also features subtle bronze highlights throughout the design.

I mean, really? You look at this:

And you see "visually representing the phalanx"? Also, why are we going all-in on Spartan iconography, anyways? I've also said before that I kind of wish we were still the Aggies. But who knows what #UNIFORMZ Nike would come up with for farmers.

I'm an avowed uniform traditionalist. The basic home green and away whites get my seal of approval. I'm also not as anti-monochrome as some. And I will say that these alternates are better than the 2011 Nike Pro Combat garbage piles. But only slightly.

Draymond Green

Day-Day continues his playoff march by putting in a 12-17-5 line last night in an overtime win for the Warriors over the Pelicans. Despite the overtime, Day-Day played fewer minutes in Game 3 than he did in Games 1 and 2, partially due to fouling out. In any case, the Warriors have firm control of the series and this means we're one step closer to a Zach Randolph/Draymond showdown in Round 2.

Draymond finished second in NBA Defensive Player of the Yeardue to some odd voting. But he didn't seem too upset about it: