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Michigan State Spartans: NBA Draft Primer/Thread

Check out some reading material about MSU's potential draftees Travis Trice and Branden Dawson. Also, feel free to share your thoughts on the draft below

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Branden Dawson

A little over a month ago I wrote some things about Dawson's draft stock after the NBA draft combine. Not a whole lot has changed, as he's still projected to go undrafted by both ESPN's Chad Ford (#62) and Draft Express' Jonathan Givony (#76). One thing going for him is that he has received good reviews about his defense

However, his offense still seems to be an issue for him down the line. He never made a 3 pointer in his career (0-9) and his career FT% (55.8%) does not indicate a strong shooting stroke.

Here's an article from MLive's Kyle Austin about Branden Dawson's draft stock.

Here's an article from the Detroit Free Press' Vince Ellis about Dawson's developing maturity.

Travis Trice

The reason I didn't write the same type of evaluation for Trice is because he was unfortunately not invited to the draft combine and so it was harder to create that same type of analysis with him. Fran Fraschilla had this to say about him in a freep article (also more stuff about Dawson in that article):

"He's going to have a realistic chance of actually making a team because he's going to be on a summer league roster," Fraschilla said. "It's really important to have a good, solid point guard on your summer league roster with which to run the coach's offense and get the No. 1 pick shots.

"He's going to get looked at closely."

Fraschilla added that "it wouldn't shock me" if Trice were drafted, because he "played really well when he was healthy the second half of his senior season."

The biggest issue with Trice is that at just 6 feet 170 lbs, he's small for a point guard and he doesn't have the elite athleticism to make up for that. He does have a very solid shot and he showed ability to create at the end of the shot clock, however, in the future he'd be going up against much longer and more athletic defenders in the NBA.

Here's an article from the Detroit Free Press' Vince Ellis on how Izzo prepared Trice for the NBA

Here's an article from MLive's Kyle Austin about Travis Trice's draft stock.

Final Thoughts

If I had to bet on whether or not either of them gets drafted, I would lean towards betting that they won't. With that being said, they will both get their chance in the NBA summer league to prove themselves and make a roster. Trice will have to show that he can create something decent at the end of a shot clock and defend opposing point guards well enough. Dawson will have to show that he can knock down shots above the NBA equivalent of the Mendoza line. One of the benefits of going undrafted over being a very late second round pick is that a player and his agent can target the team(s) that would give the player the best opportunity. Getting coached by Izzo and Draymond's recent success in the NBA won't hurt their odds, but their potential future is almost entirely going to depend on finding the right role on the right team.