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Michigan State Spartans in action at Moneyball (with video)

It was all Bryn Forbes and Tum Tum Nairn Tuesday night at Moneyball, plus one sick Deyonta Davis dunk.

It might not have been the best night to get Spartan video at Moneyball on Tuesday. The team is banged up already with Kyle Ahrens, Javon Bess, Alvin Ellis III, and possibly other players skipping the Pro-Am to rest injuries. Throw in some no-shows by Matt McQuaid and Matt Costello plus Eron Harris’ suspension from team activities and it was the Tum Tum and Forbes show on Tuesday. Sure, Colby Wollenman, Gavin Schilling, and Deyonta Davis were there, but almost nobody is getting regular post touches at Moneyball. If those Spartans aren’t seeing the ball, Seth Dugan, Tyrin Wade, and Sean Sheldon might as well take selfies on the court.

The cool flip is that I was able to share some Vines of other players worth throwing a spotlight on like Quae Furlow and Dequandre Dentmond, two athletic players who riled up the crowd with dunks. I even put up a video of Moneyball staple Melvin White knocking down his 356th 3pt shot at the Pro-Am (all statistics approximate). These players are really the backbone of Moneyball, and it doesn’t happen without them.

Looking back at my own video, Tum Tum took a lot of shots and missed on a number of three’s. It actually wasn’t his best night of shooting overall at the Pro-Am. Still, you can see the improvement. He won’t be a dead-eye next year, but he will force defenses to acknowledge his potential to hit a long two with some consistency. Unfortunately, he had a nasty one-handed dunk that I missed. Nairn dunks like he has something to prove, mainly that he can dunk, and if he gets a head of steam at full speed, he has no problem with a routine slam.

<iframe width="480" height="270" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

We all know Bryn Forbes can shoot, and you can see that here on full display. If you want to ogle his biceps to investigate Forbes’ added muscle mass, that’s cool, just don’t be creepy about it. Seriously, he has improved his upper body a lot since last summer. You wouldn’t look at him today as someone who certainly needs to add weight to hang in the Big Ten.

<iframe width="480" height="270" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

In case you missed it, here is Deyonta Davis’ highlight slam with an assist from CJ Turnage.

<iframe width="854" height="510" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>