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Michigan State Spartans Football: Linking Laconically is Numberless

Joe recaps some Fall Camp News

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

First things first, the first Fall scrimmage concluded over the weekend and the defense won, 30-14. Other than that, no stats were released. There were, however, several good quotes/ reactions:

From Mark Dantonio:

"Both (punter) Jake Hartbarger and (placekicker) Michael Geiger did outstanding. Jake was real today, and that was impressive to see.

Take what you want from any of that. Like the Spring Game, it means nothing until later when you want to create a narrative.

Elsewhere, Kevin Pauga got promoted. Certainly deserved. Look for some coverage of his KPI system in the future.

Brian Fremeau created an MSU football page here. The visualization at the top is pretty cool. Otherwise, the same GFEI data I discussed last week.

This article discussing the transferability of LB skills is ~6 months old but I got schooled by Mike Wilson on Twitter, so I'm going to plug him. Interesting stuff about who could play the MONEY/SAM position vacated by Ed Davis.

Former MSU running back and MSU athletics hall of famer George Guerre passed away this weekend.

Heck did a nice job breaking down the Tyler O'Connor situation as backup QB and punter. Most importantly, people need to stop referring to Tyler as TOC. We are the only TOC (see what I did there?)

Ken Massey's preseason composite rankings are rounding into form. MSU is firm at 7th but with less variance than Baylor (6th) or Florida State (8th). The range for MSU is between 2nd (two systems) and 21st (something called the Dezenzio TSRS). The Massey composite is my favorite for Hivemind thoughts about rankings. There are some crazies out there, but the composite nature mutes them pretty well.