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Michigan State Spartans Football: Linking Laconically is Naming Starters

Joe recaps some news from camp

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

First things first:

Separation at these positions is a good thing, though you hate to see injuries be differentiating. At RB, you figure it's possible to get four guys reps but the overall competition will have to settle into two guys with a third in mop-up (think #ReleaseTheDelton). At CB, it's encouraging to me that a guy we didn't see last year at all in Vayante Copeland has made the leap to the top of the depth chart. The guys we did see last year weren't good enough to stop Tony Lippett from playing both ways (though I've heard reasonable opposing opinions about this).

There was also an obligatory DeAnthony Arnett blurb, prompting an in-depth analysis by Heck Dorland over at The Cover Four.

The AP Poll... actually showed MSU a lot of #Respekt. The range from pollsters was between #2 and #9. John Shinn had MSU at #9 and also Arkansas at #11. Worth keeping an eye on his ballot.

In basketball news, the team plays their first game in Italy today at 2 p.m. EST. They might be on Periscope at @MSU_Basketball which I'd be willing to bet is the official Periscope account; follow Kevin Pauga for more details. I'm gonna make Matt have a recap up.

In semi-related news, MSU lost an appeals case against ESPN, meaning that in theory MSU has to release some records not previously released. This could that we'll finally find out some names in this case. I'll be totally honest: I have no idea what to make of this.

Another, related thing I want to scorn:

If you ever wanted to point out charts that say one thing but mean another, this is it. Don't be proud of topping a "wins per arrest" metric, because it suggests that arrests don't matter as much if they're covered up by enough wins.

For something completely different, Brian Hoyer was named the starting QB for the Houston Texans. I guess I know who my backup fantasy QB will be!