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Michigan State Spartans Football: Linking Unlaconically Is Asking For Forgiveness

Zach recaps some Michigan State football and hockey updates.

Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

First Things first: I apologize.

I apologize for the way I formatted the article in the past, despite continuing to have "Laconically" in the title. To avoid confusing in the comments, it'll now be called "Unlaconically". Everyone good with that? Awesome, cool, nice.

Second Thing: Keshawn Martin was traded to New England.

Moving from Brian Hoyer (I don't care he's an MSU grad, he's not good) and Ryan Mallett to Tom Brady is like moving from Cedar Village to the Lodges.

Martin, who has spent his entire career with the Houston Texans after being drafted 121st overall in 2012, has recorded three touchdowns and 416 total yards receiving.

Martin currently ranks second all-time in punt return yards (659) for the Spartans.

Third Thing: A lot of people watched the Oregon-MSU game.

7,898,000 to be exact. Also, on the WatchESPN app, the average number of viewers per minute was 81,000, totaling 18,400,000.

It was the highest viewed college football game of week 2.

Fourth Thing: Kyle Flood is terrible at breaking the rules.

Rutgers is making headlines for all the wrong reasons, starting with six players being dismissed from the program in the past two weeks from arrests. That doesn't include wide receiver Leonte Carroo, who was suspended due to an arrest.

Flood has been suspended for three games, including the Michigan State game on Oct. 10, and fined $50,000 for attempting to save one of his players from being ineligible by contacting a university professor.

It's rather remarkable that despite a lack of discipline from the players and for Flood violating school rules hasn't been enough for the head coach to be fired.

If MSU doesn't mollywhopp Rutgers in three disappointed readers.

Fifth Thing: Clay Travis loves Nebraska and Michigan.

According to the FOX Sports analyst, MSU may have knocked off Oregon last Saturday, but they're not talented enough to collect wins from both the Cornhuskers and Wolverines.

Obviously Travis has no confidence in the Spartans winning on the road in Lincoln or Ann Arbor. Personally, perfect example of a troll blog post. The narrative of angering MSU fans on the internet has been milked for too long.

Sixth Thing: Green has replaced blue.

Courtesy of athletic director Mark Hollis, Munn Ice Arena has moved on from blue lines to green lines.

"It is about the heritage and the color of the school without taking any of the integrity of the game away," Hollis said. "It just gives a unique story to a program that is very proud of its heritage, its logo, its color, and gives us something that is kind of unique."

That'll be cool to see this upcoming season. Didn't go to one hockey game when I was at MSU last year, kind of makes me want to buy a ticket.

Also, to avoid copyright issues, Jonathan LeBlanc took the photo.

Seventh Thing: MSU and ESPN could be going to court.

Imagine being a suspect, witness or victim and having a major media outlet like ESPN blasting your name to the general public. As a person 23-years-old or younger, the embarrassment and shane is unwanted and unneeded.

A civil lawsuit between the university and the broadcasting company over police records involving more than 300 student-athletes may be headed to the Michigan Supreme Court. The records were requested by ESPN as part of an Outside The Line report of 10 universities being investigated to determine if student-athletes were prosecuted at a more favorable rate than non-student athletes.

Let's debate: If this case is heard by the state's Supreme Court, should outlets or the public be allowed to access this information?