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Week Three Staff Game Predictions: MSU Vs. The Wishbone

After an impressive win against Oregon at home, the Spartans are looking to build and dominate the rest of their competitive schedule. With the Spartans hosting the Falcons this week, the question is how soon can this Spartan defense cage in the wishbone?

Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

This week's game is one we should all hold our breath on, as the Spartans take on the Falcons. Air Force is coming in at No.2 in the nation in.... Rushing offense, right behind a tricky Georgia Tech unit. With Air Force capable of running the option, sweep, or punching a defense right in the mouth on the dive, expect them to not back down against this Spartan defense. Michigan State's front seven will be tested heavily this weekend, as they rank No.14 in the nation in rush defense. If the Spartans are not blinded by their big win over Oregon, this game can be very well over by the first half. As always, here is our staff with their thoughtful game prediction for this week.

You think week three is your week? Jot down your score below and tell us why you think this will either be a blowout or a slug-fest. Go Spartans!