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Michigan State Spartans Football: Linking Loquaciously Will Miss Jason Richardson

Zach recaps some Michigan State football, basketball and hockey updates

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First Things First: Last name change I promise.

From Linking Laconically, to Linking Unlaconically, to now Loquaciously.

Thanks to fellow TOC blogger, Pete Rossman, for the name recommendation in the comments from last week's article, this will now be the official title for the foreseeable future. Everyone alright with that?

Appreciate that Chuck Norris.

Second Thing: There's some things that money can't replace.

Like game rings that were earned by former Michigan State head coach, George Perles, who told that after coming home from the Oregon game on Sept. 12, he discovered that memorabilia awarded from his tenure from 1983-94 was missing due to a robbery.

Perles said that 14 rings and a bracelet that belonged to his wife were stolen by the thieves. But it wasn't the MSU collectibles the home invaders were in search of, according to the now 81-year-old, the four Super Bowl rings earned during his time with the Pittsburgh Steelers was likely the wanted treasure. They were fortunately not stolen.

The two-time Big Ten champion wants anyone to contact Meridian Police if they have any information about the robbery. Help the legend out.

Third Thing: Remembering the fall of 2009.

I was 12-years-old, wearing a Central Michigan Dan LeFevour jersey while standing with my family (who are CMU graduates) in the south end zone, jumping for joy when the Chippewas converted a 42-yard field goal with three seconds remaining to upset the Spartans in East Lansing.

Six years later, after transferring from Michigan State to CMU for my sophomore year, I will be inside Spartan Stadium once again this Saturday to watch history repeat itself.

Except, that'll never happen.

The thought of Central Michigan knocking off the No. 2 ranked program is laughable, mind boggling, ridiculous.

Why? Because the 2015 Chippewas don't have Steelers all-pro wide receiver Antonio Brown and the 2009 Spartans didn't have one of the top offensive or defensive line units in the country, as well as a possible Heisman Trophy winning quarterback.

Expect a win. It's that simple.

Fourth Thing: Mike Shanahan is delusional.

The reason being is that he believes Kirk Cousins is better statistically than John Elway and Steve Young at the early stages of their careers.

"I remember just being with [John] Elway his first year, or Steve Young, and you take a look at their touchdown-interception ratios -- you're talking about Hall of Fame quarterbacks -- and actually Kirk's statistics are better than theirs."

Despite Cousins being an MSU graduate, even the Spartan loyal know that Shanahan should be doing comedy. Repeating what Will Brinson wrote, it's ridiculous to think so highly of Cousins at this point of his tenure with Washington.

Fifth Thing: Miles Bridges will verbally commit on Oct. 3.

Bridges, the No. 12 ranked senior recruit nationally, will make his decision at Mott Community College in Flint, returning to his hometown from Huntington Prep in Huntington, W. Va.

This comes after 2016 point guard Cassius Winston's verbal commitment to MSU on Sept. 18. Bridges would be Tom Izzo's fourth commitment of the senior class, along with Nick Ward and Josh Langford.

Kentucky and Indiana the other two finalists.

Sixth Thing: Jason Richardson is retiring from the NBA.

The two-time Slam Dunk Contest and All-Rookie First Team recipient announced his retirement on Wednesday, after 13 years as a professional.

After winning the Michigan Class A state championship and Mr. Basketball award with Saginaw Arthur Hill in 1998-99, Richardson went on to win a national championship with MSU in 2000 while leading the program back to the Final Four as a sophomore.

If anyone has played NBA Live 2005, you remember know how dominating Richardson was on the court. Always enjoyed him with a 99 rating back in the day.