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Michigan State Spartans Football: MSU 30 - CMU 10 Kneejerk Reactions

Joe reacts to the MSU 30-10 win over Central Michigan

Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

Some quick notes from the win:
  • #TeamHolmes gains momentum - Gerald Holmes made the most of his 4 carries, grabbing two touchdowns and 22 yards and providing an offensive spark that was helpful in creating distance in this game. I thought L.J. Scott and Madre London were solid, too, but Holmes stood out.
  • Concerns about the secondary aren't going away. Central Michigan Quarterback Cooper Rush deserves some credit here too, but without Vayante Copeland this secondary again looked a little porous.
  • Injuries :( - Ed Davis - done for the season. Vayante Copeland - done for the season. Kodi Kieler - out indefinitely. Jack Conklin - why AMSUOLHG WHY?!?!  (make sure to say your prayers this week for Jack). Josiah Price - .... seriously? R.J. WIlliamson - this is a f*&%ing joke.
  • Special Teams :) - Looked much better. Michael Geiger was clearly fired up after his 47-yard make, the two blocked field goals were hugely helpful, and punt and kick returns were improved, too.
  • Second Half Woes Gone? - MSU finally outscored an opponent in the second half, which was nice. Equally nice was closing out the game after a 17-10 score hung around just long enough to make me nervous on Twitter.
  • Non-Con is over - This was a tricky non-conference schedule. Oregon was obviously a huge game, but traveling to play a decent Western Michigan team in Kalamazoo, Air Force in the week after the Oregon showdown, and a frisky Central team were all more difficult games than your typical MACrifice. 4-0 still feels good.