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Michigan State Spartans Football: Linking Laconically Forecasts The Weather

Zach recaps some Michigan State opening week updates.

Reese Strickland-USA TODAY Sports

First things first: Travis Haney needs to make up his mind.

Remember Haney? The ESPN writer who wrote an interesting piece back in February of college football programs who are trending downward, with Michigan State listed at No. 3, behind Oklahoma and South Carolina.

Why? Because of Harbaugh-mania, Ohio State winning the national championship and the aggressiveness of Penn State coach James Franklin.

Now, with a day remaining until the Spartans hit the road for Kalamazoo, Haney went to Twitter to make his playoff prediction, which includes MSU winning the national championship, along with the Sooners, Arizona State and Texas A&M.

Haney hasn't forgotten the backlash he received from the MSU fan base for his winter blog post, so he tweeted out clarification that the article was about windows closing, not windows closed. Regardless, how can you suddenly change your opinion in that short span?

Second thing: Let's take a DeLorean time machine to 1905.

What a great year to be alive. The New York Giants clinched the World Series over the Philadelphia Athletics and federal spending was less than $600 million.

1905 was also the first time Michigan State (then known as Michigan Agricultural College) played in Kalamazoo. The game was held at Athletic Park, which is now the site of the Kalamazoo County Fairgrounds.

The MAC Aggies mollywhopped Kalamazoo College 30-0. Not bad.

Michigan State leads the series with Western Michigan 10-2.

Third Thing: Detroit Free Press favors MSU.

Joe Rexrode, Drew Sharp and Jeff Seidel in their weekly staff picks each have the Spartans triumphant by 10 points or more. Sharp has MSU winning 27-17, believing that the Broncos will keep the score closer than most think, giving the Big Ten high power a scare. Rexrode and Seidel have MSU blowing out WMU by 21 and 29 points, respectively.

Let's debate: Who will have the more accurate prediction on Saturday morning?

Fourth Thing: Hey look, a hype video!

This time it focuses on head coach Mark Dantonio, recapping his nine years at Michigan State. Arguably the most chilling part of the 14 minute long film was the final 50 seconds. Definitely worth taking a look at.

Fifth Thing: Brandon Fields gets cut by Miami.

The story of undrafted rookie punter Matt Darr is pretty remarkable. The Dolphins locker room was so crowded during training camp that he had to share a stall with another player.

A good showing in camp earned him a starting role with the team, which means Fields gets the ax.

Fields, the former Michigan State punter who earned All-American honors in 2004, has spent his entire professional career in South Beach, appearing in the Pro Bowl in 2013.

Tough luck for Fields, let's hope he signs with another team this season.

Sixth Thing: P.J. Fleck and the local news.

Besides being in line for the Illinois head coaching job, P.J. Fleck has a possible future in meteorology.

Fleck, the head man at Western Michigan, appeared on News Channel 3 in West Michigan to forecast the weather for Friday's game.

In case anyone is planning on making the trip to Waldo Stadium, it's supposed to be 84 degrees.