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Michigan State Spartans Football: MSU 37 - WMU 24 Kneejerk Reactions

Joe reacts to the 37-24 win in Kalamazoo

Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

Without taking too much away from my Monday Five Factors post:

  • Kickoff coverage issues were weird. I don't know why this was an issue all of a sudden; MSU ranked highly in Bill Connelly's kick coverage category last year. I bet this gets corrected, and that needs to happen fast.
  • Oddities Both the two-point conversion attempt and the series with Damion Terry at receiver/quarterback were weird things for which I have no explanation.
  • The pass defense still leaves something to be desired. There were times when the defensive line was dominant, and times where there was no pressure. Vayante Copeland was a positive. I don't know what to make of the rest of the secondary.
  • Kalamazoo was fun, and I thought Waldo Stadium was a great venue. The split of MSU to WMU fans was tough to gauge; my guess is something like 65:35::WMU:MSU.
  • The running back trio of L.J. Scott, Madre London, and Gerald Holmes was generally terrific. They all averaged at least 4.5 yards per carry. It's understandable that Delton Williams has fallen behind these guys, and deciding between them is not a problem to have.
  • The new matte green helmets look amazing (at least in person).
  • Connor Cook continues to have some consistency issues. His performance was a little uneven, going just 15 for 31. If the pass defense struggles against Oregon and it becomes a shootout, then he'll simply need to be better than he was in this game.