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Michigan State Football 'Crootin Roundup: Abdul Adams 100% committed to MSU

In this edition, find out who has been aggressively pursuing Abdul Adams despite his firm commitment to the Spartans.

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200 Prospects Visiting East Lansing This Saturday

Oregon is coming East Lansing this Saturday, that means as many as 200 high school recruits will follow suit to receive the proper Michigan State experience.

The Detroit Free Press did a report on what's expected to take place for the interested football and basketball prospects over the weekend. That includes:

1. Wing eating contest and video games in the players lounge.

2. Meeting Tom Izzo, Draymond Green and Steve Smith.

3. Touring the set of College Gameday.

4. Watching a number of hype videos.

5. Receiving three tickets for the game.

6. Meeting MSU's academic and training staff.

Reading the report has made me wish I did more squats in high school.

Handful Of Georgia Recruits Receiving MSU Offers

Georgia is stuck in the middle of SEC country, but that hasn't deterred Michigan State from actively recruiting the Peach State for the top 2016 and 2017 prospects. put out a list of high schoolers from the state of Georgia who will be on campus when the Spartans play host to the Ducks.

Arguably one of the biggest names making the cross country trek up north is 2016 offensive tackle E.J. Price, who is the No. 7 ranked tackle in the nation. He was a former Georgia Bulldog commit but has reopened his recruitment this past summer.

The other well known recruit is 2017 quarterback Chase Brice, the No. 7 ranked pro style pocket passer in the country. He has received offers from Kentucky, Miami, Vanderbilt, Virginia Tech and West Virginia, among others.

The Latest On 2016 Commit Abdul Adams

What was the deciding factor behind Abdul Adams' verbal commitment to MSU? The coaching staff, the school environment and the overall love for East Lansing.

The No. 26 ranked running back in the country caught up with on the latest updates of his recruitment, despite firmly committed to the Spartans. Adams said both Oklahoma and Indiana have been aggressively pursuing him as his senior season continues into its second week.

Adams is scheduled to take his official visit to Michigan State this Saturday.