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Michigan State Basketball at Penn State Game Thread

Come discuss the game as the Spartans take on Penn State!

Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

The good news: Denzel Valentine is back! Even if he wasn't, however, this still would've like a game the Spartans should win: Even though Penn State's Shep Garner could do his best Talor Battle impression, MSU's favored by 9 by KenPom, and even though Denzel's not starting, the fire power should still be there to beat a Penn State squad that will be playing in front of a...well, there will be multiple people in the stands. Let's just say that.

This is the MSU vs. Penn State game thread. There's three rules here: no links to illegal game streams (the game's on BTN anyway), no slurs of any kind, and be cool to one another. Enjoy the game everyone!