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Michigan State Spartans Football: Alabama - Clemson National Title Open Thread

Jennifer Stewart/Getty Images

Are you planning on hate-watching this game like I am? I thought there would be enough general interest in the game to have an open thread to chat about it.

Again, some topics to discuss:

First, who are you rooting for? I feel like rooting for an Alabama blowout victory is the most obvious; that would make MSU's poor showing look the best. I'm guessing many (or most) of you are rooting for that. But I think a close Alabama win is a lot less awesome for MSU, and I'd rather see a non-Alabama team win than have Bama squeak it out.

Second, do you think Jake Coker can repeat his performance against MSU?

Third, how do you feel about 2016 MSU? The schedule is pretty wild, with home games against Furman, Wisconsin, BYU, Northwestern, Michigan, Rutgers and Ohio State, plus trips to Notre Dame, Indiana, Maryland, Illinois, and Penn State. I'm gonna get my money's worth out of my season tickets next year, for sure.

Pretty much anything is on the table in terms of topics. As always, just be cool to one another.