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Your 2015 TOC User Awards/Statistics

Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

The fine commentariat of The Only Colors is, seriously, the main reason why I spend inordinate amounts of time in Excel building stuff and then writing about it. You all amaze me pretty much every day.

Anyways, we got the data from 2015 for all of our user activity, and I thought I'd recognize you commenters for all you do (even if you vote for Trump).

Anyways, here's our top-10 FanPosters, in terms of volume:

1) MSUDersh 7
2) TilltheBitterEnd 6
3) ViralDonutz 5
4) Matt McIntyre 5
5) PaulFanson 4
6) Joe Tuohey 4
7) SGTSparty 3
8) MacWhat 3
9) Ducking Delvon 3
10) TahoeSparty 2

Many thanks to MSUDersh who keeps me honest with GameThreads.

I have to single out Ducking Delvon, whose 'Twas the Last Play at the Big House was probably the single-most read thing written by anyone on the site this year, and very possibly the best thing ever written on the site. It also sent me down a fun rabbit hole of Intellectual Property, including some guy on Facebook messaging me to tell me that we should've credited Clement Clark Moore. I digress.

Here are our top commenters:

1) MSUDersh 6910
2) pomeroyarn 2725
3) verbosedutch 2625
4) SJD183 2153
5) donaldo 2063
6) stormhawk27 1667
7) dperk 1567
8) RI Spartan 1431
9) ColumbusSpartan 1365
10) Bagels are for champions 1332

I don't think anybody is surprised by Dersh being here; he's almost certainly more important to the site than I am. He has nearly as many comments as #6 through #10 combined. Everyone else on the list: step your game up!

As an aside, I spent a long time simply lurking here before contributing; I'm so glad that I came out of my shell and started contributing almost 2 years ago. We're incredibly fortunate to have you guys.