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Michigan State Basketball: MSU 76 - Wisconsin 77 Kneejerk Reactions

MSU falls to 3-3 in the B1G after a tough loss to Wisconsin

Mary Langenfeld-USA TODAY Sports

If there's anything I can't stand, it's a game where drawing FT's is an objective. That's why I hate Duke basketball, dislike James Harden, and that's why I hated this game. You can say that MSU fouled way too much and that's fine because it's probably accurate, but there's no way the game was called evenly on both sides. There was a phantom foul on Deyonta Davis after a missed FT and somehow this was not called any kind of tripping foul or otherwise on Khalil Iverson (#21).


The issue for this team right now is you have 5 scorers in Valentine, Costello, Harris, Davis, and Forbes with everyone else on the team basically being non-scorers. Outside of running a play directly for them anyone not in that group is very unlikely to score unless it's an easy dump-off.

For the second straight game Forbes was missing 3's badly before heating up in the second half. He wasn't in the starting lineup in the second half of the year and with the way Harris has been playing, I'd be fine with him going back to the bench.

Two of the new guards this year in Harris and McQuaid need to figure out how to keep their hands off of guys. It's what limited Harris to early PT this year and it hurt them in this game.

Next up is Nebraska at home this Wednesday.