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Report: Average Michigan State Football Player Worth $327,495

Not bad!

NCAA Football: Northwestern at Michigan State Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

Whether or not you believe college football players should be paid like the pros, it’s hard to ignore the findings of a new report from Business Insider.

The site used the NFL model, where 47 percent of revenue goes to players, and combined that with data from the Department of Education to estimate how much players would make at each college football program.

The Michigan State Spartans cracked the top 20, albeit barely, with $327,495 to all 85 scholarship players. That’s an eye-popping number compared to a cost of attendance stipend.

However, players at Texas would be worth more than double that figure. The Longhorns topped the nation at $671,173 per player. Michigan was fourth at $487,979. Other Big Ten programs in the top 20 include Ohio State ($461,968), Penn State ($394,276) and Nebraska ($335,202).

The number is significantly lower for most programs. The national FBS average is $163,869.