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Why Mark Dantonio and Michigan State Should Go All In for Blake Barnett

Redshirt Freshman Blake Barnett is transferring from Alabama 4 games into the season.

Alabama Spring Game Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images

I remember the days when people looked on the SEC and though of programs like LSU and Alabama as infallible, iron fortresses that are run tightly and churn out nothing but championships and draft picks. You were lucky to be recruited there and you kept your mouth shut and did it the SEC way. Well, after this weekend the powerhouses in the division have shown that they are not as iron clad as things might seem. After LSU lost and the school fired Les Miles 4 games into the season, 5 star recruit Blake Barnett has decided that 4 games is all he wants in Tuscaloosa and announced that he is transferring from the Tide.

This poses an interesting situation for the redshirt freshman because as reported by Barton Simmons of 247 Sports earlier today, there is actually a chance that Barnett is able to play a full season as early as 2017.

From the article:

According to bylaw 14.5.6 in the NCAA transfer guide, Barnett as a 4-2-4 transfer (four-year institution, to a junior college, and back to a four-year institution), can be eligible one calendar year from the date of his transfer from Alabama so long as he graduates with a GPA above 2.5 over an average of 12 hours per term at the certifying institution of Barnett’s choosing.

So, to break down the options, there is an outside chance that Barnett could transfer to a Junior College immediately, if that coach/program allow for him to get on the field he could (due to early enrollment) graduate early with an associates degree and transfer to another 4 year institution before the 2017 season. There is a LOT of things that need to go right, but assuming that all that does happen and the NCAA doesn’t give this kid a hard time, the coaching staff for Michigan State should do everything (inside the rules) to try and get Barnett in the green and white.

This is what they should tell him:

MSU is built for your skills.

Michigan State had it’s greatest success with quarterbacks like you, Blake. Kirk Cousins and Connor Cook were some of the most pro-style quarterbacks in the college game and they were the two greatest quarterbacks in program history. Where do you see both of them now? On NFL Rosters. Need more examples? Bryan Hoyer and Drew Stanton. At one time three of those four started in the same week. Want to know the difference between you and all those guys? Your ceiling is higher than any of those players.

Your offense has a chance to be special.

In East Lansing, there is some exciting talent surrounding you that will make you look even better. Sharing the backfield with you will be breakout star LJ Scott. The threat of LJ and the running game will open up plenty of time for you and that arm of your to find some amazing up and coming receiver talent in Donnie Corley, Davis Lewandowski, and Trishton Jackson. This is the offense that has a chance to make you shine and you will have three full years in East Lansing and you can break every record in the book.

Upset at Saban? Make him pay.

Here is the thing, we get that you are upset. You put in the time and you wanted to be the starting QB and that other coach picked a true freshman over you. We think that was the wrong option and the best way to make him pay is to shine on the field. Go out there and ball out of control. You know what happens then? Your draft stock rises, people will write and talk about how bad of a decision it was to let you go. Heisman talk starts and next thing you know you have won a second straight Big Ten title and you are facing your old squad in the College Football Playoff. How good would that feel? That is what we can do with you.

Much like the thought of Dantonio going to LSU, the odds of this happening are about as great as Tom Izzo deciding to back to Iron Mountain to coach middle school girls softball, but it this is the wild west of college football. Who knows what could happen.