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The Only Podcast: MSU-Indiana, Is Tyler O’Connor the Best Option, BYU and More

Chris, Austin, and Dom talk about a whole bunch of stuff of a mega episode of The Only Podcast

We are back and strap in because it was a big episode. Dom Garrett is back to talk with Chris Vannini and Austin Smith about a ton of stuff. Including but not limited to:

  • MSU-Indiana
  • Tyler O’Connor’s problems
  • Should they make a QB change?
  • Play-calling
  • Offensive line
  • Pass rush problems
  • Defensive backs
  • Special teams
  • Coaching problems
  • Connor Cook masked last year’s problems
  • Lack of leadership and confidence
  • How do you balance building for future with winning now?
  • Future of the program
  • Thoughts on BYU