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Welcome Aboard - TOC Lands Three New Contributors

We are proud to announce the commitment of three Five-Star contributors

We here at The Only Colors are committed to bringing you, Spartan Nation, the best Michigan State content available anywhere. In order to do that we need to have a stacked roster. Well eat your hearts out, Mark Dantonio and Tom Izzo, we just landed us some big ole fish.

TOC is proud to announce the addition of three new writers to the crew — Weston Corbitt, McLain Moberg and Corey Robinson. Each of these guys will have a different role, but the goal remains the same: give the people what they want.

I’ll let these fellas to the rest of the talking for themselves. After all, that’s what they’re here for.

Weston Corbitt (@WestonCorbitt)

Hey all, Dom here. I wanted to take some time to introduce my good friend and new voice on TOC, Weston Corbitt. Weston and I have known each other for close to a decade and when I was thinking of new voices that could bring some of the fun back to Michigan State writing, he was the first guy I reached out to. Weston had a thriving blog called Season Tickets with Weston Corbitt that lasted throughout his time in school, it drifted off while the real world responsibilities drifted in. However this community and the chance to think he was in college again gave Weston the chance to come out of his short lived retirement for you.

If I could pick one of my friends to argue with Skip Bayless in a debate to the death, I am picking Weston. If I can pick a friend to wrestle Skip Bayless in a Hell in the Cell match...I am still picking Weston. Follow him, read him, love him.

McLain Moberg (@McLainMoberg)

While I have written a few pieces for The Only Colors now, I thought it would be best to formally introduce myself to the people that really keep all of our writers on board going, which is the fans. You guys are who each and every one of us is writing for day in and day out.

A few things about me, I’m an aspiring Sports Journalist and I one day hope to graduate from Michigan State University, as that has always been a dream of mine.

Most importantly, I want to be the best writer I can be that is one reason why I showed a lot of interest in writing for The Only Colors and for you guys. What better place to continuously get better and provide great content to fans than right here for Sparty Nation. I love writing and truly hope you guys are enjoying the pieces I have had published thus far.

I am proud to say I am part of this great site. The fans are ultimately who matter and I hope to lend a helping hand in seeing our Spartan community grow. TOC fans, thank you for always reading and being a part of this site as we continue to grow and get better.

Corey Robinson (@SpartanSavages)

A little bit about me. I’m Corey Robinson, some of you may know me from my Twitter account @SpartanSavages, and I have taken on the Recruiting Analyst position with The Only Colors. I look forward to enhancing the recruiting coverage here at TOC and bringing all the best info to MSU fans. I’m excited to interact with and hopefully meet all of you, thank you and GO GREEN!