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NFL Sunday TV Schedule

Kirk Cousins and Washington take on Minnesota.

Washington Redskins v Cincinnati Bengals Photo by Dan Mullan/Getty Images

After a fun Saturday of college football, the NFL is on deck with a full slate of Sunday games. Here is a look at today’s TV schedule:

Packers at Titans 1 p.m./Fox

Chiefs at Panthers - 1 p.m./CBS

Vikings at Redskins - 1 p.m./Fox

Bears at Buccaneers - 1 p.m./Fox

Falcons at Eagles - 1 p.m./Fox

Rams at Jets - 1 p.m./Fox

Broncos at Saints 1 p.m./CBS

Texans at Jaguars - 1 p.m./CBS

Dolphins at Chargers - 4:05 p.m./CBS

Cowboys at Steelers - 4:25 p.m./Fox

49ers at Cardinals - 4:25 p.m./Fox

Seahawks at Patriots - 8:30 p.m./NBC

Monday Night Football: Bengals at Giants - 8:30 p.m./ESPN