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Family of Mike Sadler and Mylan Hicks Were At Spartan Stadium, MSU Donates To Both Charities

It would have been Mike Sadler’s 25th birthday today.

Screenshot: WatchESPN

There are always special guests that attend Senior Day at Spartan Stadium, and today was no different. After the 1st quarter today the crowd welcomed the families of both Mike Sadler and Mylan Hicks, the two Spartan alums that passed away this off season.

On this day, which would have been Mike Sadler’s 25th birthday, the families gathered on the field to recieve a donation to both The Mike Sadler Scholarship Fund and the Hicks scholarship fund from the university.

As reported by David Harns, the money came from the 50/50 raffle winner from the Furman game. That person never claimed the prize so MSU split the money in half and donated it equally to the two funds.