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Miles Bridges to miss Two Weeks with ankle injury. What’s next?

Michigan State’s best player is down and the Spartans will have an even thinner frontcourt in the near future

NCAA Basketball: Florida Gulf Coast at Michigan State Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

Tom Izzo revealed today that Miles Bridges will miss about two weeks due to an ankle injury. Spartan fans will unfortunately see Bridges walking around on crutches for the time being.

This is obviously a huge blow to the Spartans who will be without their most athletic and dynamic player. Miles is currently averaging 16.6 points per game and 8.8 rebounds per game.

Before we panic, let’s take a look at both sides of the coin and see if we can’t find a silver lining.

Glass Half Full

In the coming days the team will have to learn how to score, rebound, and run the offense without the guy they rely on most. As we have seen in the past learning how to perform night in and night out without an essential piece can actually help a team come March, oh and it doesn’t hurt to have a Hall of Fame coach either.

Michigan State has had long stretches during games where the offense for some reason becomes stagnant, especially when Miles is on the bench. But, to use an old coach’s cliche “Next man up”, and that is the question — what freshman or upperclassmen will step up in the games without Miles?

Bridges is averaging 32.5 minutes a game and those minutes have to go somewhere. Nick Ward, Josh Langford, Cassius Winston and Eron Harris are the most likely benefit and also probably the four guys who could use that extra burn the most.

Also, and this is key, if there was ever a time for MSU to have their star go down, it’s now. In the next two weeks, MSU will face teams with a combined record of 7-14, beginning with Oral Roberts this Saturday in East Lansing.

Glass Half Empty

This is the part where you tell me I’m wrong and crazy for even thinking losing Bridges could possibly be a good thing for the Spartans but I’m here to tell you the worst part about his short term absence is there will be a whole lot less of this.

And a little of this.

Also, MSU is already a small team and is now even smaller. Nick Ward is the only healthy player over 6’6”. The guards must rebound above their size if MSU wants to avoid losing a game they shouldn’t.