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MSU Announces New Addition To South Endzone of Spartan Stadium

Two years after touching up the north endzone, the south side will be getting some love.

NCAA Football: Rutgers at Michigan State Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

The MSU Board of Trustees won’t let one down football season stop them from making Spartan Stadium as nice as possible. Per our friends over at MLive, the board approved a major renovation to the south end zone today, which is scheduled to be completed in time for the 2017 season.

Some highlights...

The project is part of the athletic department's Spartan Stadium master plan, which was drafted in 2005, when new suites and a new press box were added. Ianni said that plan was updated five or six years ago.


The addition will be a one-story structure that include new restrooms and concession stands, according to Michigan State deputy athletic director Greg Ianni. The project will also include an expanded pavilion on the south end of the stadium.


The south end zone addition is being designed so that a larger building, similar to the one at the north end of the stadium, could later be added on the site.


Permanent lighting will also be installed at the stadium before next season.

It appears this round of renovations is one of the final steps in the “master plan” — which, no matter the application, is a wonderful term — but there will be more work done in the coming years. Also, with all the improvements, permanent lighting is long overdue, so that is nice to see.

There will be no impact to the number of seats inside the stadium, however, there will be a significant improvement for tailgaters and attendees alike.

Restrooms are expected to be available to tailgaters before the game, then available to fans inside the stadium during the game.

WHOA NELLY! South lot tailgaters, you can now pee before the game without having use the all-too-scarce port-a-john’s. Student section and south end zone sitters, also, throw yourself a little party. Instead of waiting in line for an hour to navigate the maze of urinal troughs, you may only have to wait half an hour. Big stuff.

So there you have it, Spartan Stadium will now be even prettier on the outside and much more bathroom friendly on the inside. That’s change we can all believe in.