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Brian Lewerke Throwing The Ball Is Just What We Need Today

It is a slow news day, but this made us all feel a little better.

NCAA Football: Northwestern at Michigan State Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

The day after a conference win is always a good one. You are feeling good, scrolling through twitter and watching highlights of the second half (cause we all want to forget the first half of that game) and you think that this feeling is just the best. Nothing is going to make this better. Then this pops up on your timeline.

That is the QB, according to Coach Dantonio, will be the guy going into the Spring that will lead the Spartans rebound season next year, Brian Lewerke. His dad posted this video with the caption “2017 already started. #GOGREEN” Yes, it has Mr. L. That leg does not look broken, it looks pretty damn good.

We all want to forget 2016. Loss in the Cotton Bowl, being bounced from the tourney in the first round, whatever the hell you call this past season of football. Brian’s dad is showing us something we have not seen in a while...hope.

Thank you, Mr. L. Thank you.