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Michigan State’s Zeke the Wonderdog Passes Away

Darryl Rogers once stated that Zeke was the “best receiver in the Big Ten."

2016 is offically the worst year ever.

According to a statement released by Jim & Terri Foley, Zeke the Wonderdog unexpectedly passed away Friday night at around 11:45pm. He was set to perform at the Women’s basketball game but was moving a little slow and the show was cancelled. Upon getting home he staggered and collapsed, passing away on the way to the Animal Hospital.

As many know, the original Zeke was born in 1971 and performed with his owner, Gary Eisenberg from the time Gary was a sophomore at MSU until Zeke needed to retire due to health in 1984. While Zeke was not replaced immediately, the hunt for the next Zeke began and Jim and Terri Foley announced Zeke II (or Dexter) would begin performing at halftime of the Michigan State games in 2001. Zeke II was around from 2001 until 2007 when BooCoo became Zeke III and performed up until his death last night.

You can read the statement below:

A message from Jim & Terri Foley, Zeke the Wonderdog unexpectedly passed away last night at around 11:45pm. We did...

Posted by Scott Westerman on Saturday, December 3, 2016

Check out this video as well and pour one out for Zeke III tonight.