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Michigan State Basketball: MSU 89 - Michigan 73 Kneejerk Reactions

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

As you’re reading this, Bryn Forbes just hit another 3.

The Spartans didn’t quite light up the triples like they did the previous two games, nailing just 14 in the dominant win over Michigan.

OK, a little bit of sarcasm. In fact, this had to be the most impressive of the three when you consider that the Wolverines have actually strung together some nice wins this season. There’s no taking anything away from MSU – 47 triples in three games is a big deal.

Tip of the hat to Forbes. The Spartans needed him to find his shot again – and boy has he ever. He hit eight of the those 3s (seven in the first half) and shot 10-of-13 overall. He dropped 29 in his final game against his rival (save for a tournament contest). You can’t help but feel excited for what this guy is going to do down the stretch.

Speaking of that final rivalry game, do you think this came up once or twice this week? Forbes combined with fellow seniors Matt Costello and Denzel Valentine to score all but 25 of MSU’s 89 points. Combined, they shot over 70 percent from the field.

These are refreshing numbers, especially when you revisit the three-game losing streak. Although Michigan State’s been filling up the box score the past three games, this had all the makings for a competitive game – and a win for Michigan. The long layoff for MSU and the U-M drubbing for Indiana earlier in the week set the table for big things for the Wolverines.

Instead, Michigan State dispatched U-M like it did its two previous lowly opponents. That three-game slump is now a four-game winning streak. It couldn’t come at a better time, as the next 12 days include a trip to Purdue, a home matinee with Indiana and a rematch with Wisconsin.

There’s a tough stretch coming, but it’s hard not to feel good about this team if you’re a fan right now.