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Michigan State Basketball: MSU 81 - Purdue 82 Kneejerk Reactions

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports


You could talk about the 18-point rally, or that there’s not a lot of shame in losing that one after falling behind that way this team did. You could say it’s a tough loss to a quality opponent.

But man, what a tough way to finish that one.

To come all that way and settle for a bad foul from Denzel Valentine, a bad rebound and no foul because of a tie-up … yikes.

It’s not all bad for MSU, but even the positives come with negatives. Valentine dropped 27 and had 10 assists, but he had to come out during an important stretch of the comeback.

Also, for a defense that has been impressive in the past two weeks, it’s disparaging to know MSU got beat by two guys. Rapheal Davis cooled down in the second half, but was the reason why the game got out of hand in the first place. The guy scored 13 of Purdue’s first 15 points and 16 of its first 20 – with four 3-pointers.

A.J. Hammons was the only other player to finish in double digits for Purdue, dropping 19 with 13 points and eight rebounds – including one huge one at the end of regulation.

From an objective standpoint, this was an awesome game to watch. Purdue’s going to be an awesome team to watch in the tournament, and they’re going to create a lot of havoc.

For MSU fans, you didn’t want to see that havoc tonight.