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The Only Colors' 2016 NCAA Tournament "Pick 16" Bracket Contest

For the ninth year in a row, we've got something a little different for a bracket contest. Unlike the usual contests, the First Four games count, so the deadline is Tuesday evening.

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NOTE: Because the First Four games count, the deadline for entry is tip-off Tuesday evening.

NOTE 2: Please use the Google Forms link at the bottom of the page to enter. Entries posted as a comment here will also be accepted, but the bookkeeping will be a little easier if done via Forms, and it also will check that you have the correct number of teams selected and tiebreaker entered.

As is tradition since the Spartans Weblog days, we're holding a different sort of picks contest. No prizes, just for fun. Here's how it works:

  1. Each team earns points for every win, based on their seed and the round:
    First Four: Half of the team's main-bracket seed (a 16-seed play-in winner gets 8 points, an 11 seed gets 5.5, etc.). Further wins after the first four earn full value as normal.
    After the First Four: Points equal to the team's seed for each win.
    Final Four bonuses: 1 point for reaching the Final Four, 3 for reaching the title game, and 5 for the winning the championship. These bonuses are cumulative (a 1 seed who wins the title earns 6*1 + 1 + 3 + 5 = 15 points total).
  2. As the name of the contest implies, you pick 16 teams out of the 68 in the tournament. Your score is the total number of points earned by those 16 teams. I'm trying something different this year, using Google Forms to capture the entries; however, if that isn't working for you for any reason, you can post your list of teams as a comment to this post instead along with, as a tiebreaker, the number of possessions (per team) you predict in the championship game. (If the tiebreaker is needed, the number given at Ken Pomeroy's site will be considered official.)
  3. There are no restrictions on which 16 teams you may select. In past seasons, the "perfect" set of picks (the 16 highest-scoring teams) has included as many as 6 teams from a single region.
  4. You may change your entry until the start of the First Four.
    Entered via Forms: When you finish entering teams via Forms, there will be an "Edit your response" link; save it and you can use that (it's linked to your specific entry) to change it. If you don't have that link, you can either submit a new entry via Forms (if you do, please put "(revised)" after your username so it's easier to find and remove the earlier entry) or post a comment here.
    Entered via comment here: It will be easiest if you reply to your original comment. You don't have to repeat everything, just make it clear what you're changing ("replace Team X with Team Y" is fine).
  5. If posting as a comment here, please be mindful of ambiguous abbreviations (one that's been a particular problem in the past is "SDSU" when both San Diego State and South Dakota State are in).
  6. If something is wrong with your entry, here's how it will be handled. (This shouldn't be an issue if you use Forms.)
    No tiebreaker: Your tiebreaker entry will be considered to be 0.
    Too few teams: If you have a previous entry with the correct number of teams, the incorrect entry will be ignored. Otherwise, you'll just be at a disadvantage with fewer teams.
    Too many teams: Again, this entry will be ignored if you have a previous entry with exactly 16. Otherwise, the highest score(s) among your selected teams will be thrown out until only 16 are left.
  7. Tiebreaking rules:
    - Entries with the same number of points will be ranked by closest to the correct number of possessions in the final. Doesn't matter if you guess too high or too low.
    - If still tied, entries will be ranked by the highest-scoring team selected, then second-highest, etc., all the way down.
    - If still tied, entries will be ranked by the total number of wins by all selected teams.
    - If still tied, ties will be broken by random selection.

A reminder: Entries close Tuesday at the start of the First Four. Here is the Forms link:

2016 Pick 16 Entry Form

Good luck, and pick your 16.