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Michigan State Spartans vs. Purdue Boilermakers Game Thread

Come chat with us as the Spartans go for the Big Ten Tournament title!

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Please, please, please do not let Rapheal Davis go 5-5 from three to start the game again. I think if Purdue doesn't have an anomalous outside shooting game against the Spartans last time, MSU most likely wins. Purdue's had to play Illinois and Michigan to this point, both of whom were seeded below OSU and Maryland. MSU will definitely be the most difficult game Purdue will have played in Indy, and hopefully the Spartans can go the full 40 minutes (and hopefully not a minute more) to pull out the win.

This is the game thread for MSU vs. Purdue. The rules are three: no links to illegal game streams (it's on CBS, so c'mon now), no slurs of any kind, and be cool to one another. Enjoy the game everyone!