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The Only Podcast: Middle Schooled

Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

This is the post-game show we did after the game. A lot of big-picture talk and what's next.

Programming note: It'll be a bit before I post my floor-slap data. I lost the first half of the season when my computer crashed, so I'll have to go through Twitter to recount it.

Topics include:

What went wrong for MSU.

Why MTSU couldn't miss.

Deyonta Davis - Why he didn't play much. Was this the end?

Was Izzo right to empty the bench so quickly?

Is this MSU's version of Appalachian State?

Biggest NCAA Tournament upset ever?

What is the legacy of this team?

Worst MSU loss of all-time?

What is Denzel Valentine's legacy?

What's the outlook for next season?

You can listen here or in the video below. Subscribe on iTunes.