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Michigan State's Izzo discusses MTSU loss, Deyonta Davis NBA Decision

Says preparation was not the issue in Friday's loss, needs players to "step up" moving forward.

Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

Tom Izzo spoke to media today and addressed a few topics, ranging from the loss to Middle Tennessee State last Friday to the future of Deyonta Davis with Michigan State.

Izzo said that he has been "thinking or grieving" over the last few days, re-watching the tape of the loss wondering what could have been done differently, and he made it very clear that the issue was not a lack of preparation.

"I don't think any player look past the game, I don't think any coach did," Izzo stated about the way the team got ready.  "I know the way we practiced, I know the way we prepared, I know the way our seniors were. It doesn't even come across my mind."

Izzo watched the film for the third or fourth time right before speaking to everyone today and referenced that every run the Spartans made in the last 12 minutes of the game ,the Blue Raiders seemed to answer with a 3 point play, be it a shot made or an and-one situation.

When asked if there would be anything he would have done differently, Izzo immediately mentioned how people have been trying all year to get him to play a zone D. He mentioned that perhaps with less injuries at the beginning of the season he may have implemented that or even other defenses, but without the year trying that he wanted to stick with the defense the Spartans worked in all year.

When asked about what he would take out of the season, seeing as it ended much differently than most seasons, he did not know what to take out of it. He did, however, call it a "cool problem to have", seeing as other seasons have ended with the blame on his shoulders due to lack of preparation, but that this season is much different than that.

Looking forward, the obvious question was asked about a timetable surrounding a decision with freshman Deyonta Davis, who many have rumored as being a potential first round draft pick in the upcoming NBA draft. Izzo said that he needs to look not only to Davis but also to Eron Harris and Matt McQuaid to "take serious steps up" but he doesn't have a feeling right now as to what Davis' decision will be but he will assist him in the decision. He did make a point that not only do you need to be ready skill wise, but you need to be ready mentally as well.