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Did Mark Dantonio just violate a NCAA rule?

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Ah, the land of twitter. While it is great for us sports folk to pretend to be experts and share our hot takes it can be a little tricky when you are a coach. Especially when you are a coach of a major college program and you subtweet about a recruit.

This morning, news came down that Jack Camper, the three-star recruit from IMG Academy in Florida had committed to play football at Michigan State. Spartan Nation was obviously excited, everyone was sharing the news on twitter and even Coach Dantonio got in on the action.

While this seems harmless in nature, the NCAA recently closed a loophole preventing coaches from "subtweeting" about potential student athletes. "Camp" being a nickname for Jack Camper may get the Spartan's coach into some trouble.

Many people have become familiar with this practice (if you need examples just read through Harbaugh's twitter stream about everyone, ever) but this could be an issue in the eyes on the NCAA. We will see if they have anything to say about it.