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What To Do With Your Weekend BESIDES Watching March Basketball

The Only Colors provides other options for what to do with this weekend instead of watching the games.

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As soon as we saw the draw that fateful Sunday less than two weeks ago we all started looking at hotels in Chicago for this weekend. We all got ready to use that precious PTO and hop on the express way to drive that 223 Miles from the Breslin Center to the United Center. Ready to see our boys roll through the Mid-West and punch their ticket to Houston.

Welp, it is now March 24th and instead you are reading this article. Wondering if you are going to tune into CBS today to watch basketball at all. Well we here at The Only Colors are here to help you out! Below you will find a list of 5 options for what you can do with your weekend.

Re-watch The B1G Tournament

Nothing like forgetting the loss by remembering a win. Valentine's off balance shot to put away Purdue? Costello blocking the shot after missing the would be game winning free throw? Every time Forbes bangs his chest in slow motion after hitting a three before a commercial break? Wait...NO COMMERCIAL BREAKS! Remember the good times.

Go Outside

This one is a little unorthodox, we get it. You have been sitting in front of the TV for so many weeks, planning to be there for weeks to come. I mean, it isn't even warm outside yet. However, maybe a little bit of sunshine and some fresh air will give you hope. Maybe the smell of the nice grass thawing will remind you that football season is only a few months away. Which reminds us...

Get Ready For Tailgate Season

Okay. Now we are talking. Time to get on Amazon and start looking for a new grill and start thinking about how you are going to set up this year. Are you going to have two small TVs and stream two games or are you going to go big and lock into one? Pull out a notepad and pencil and draw a diagram. Write on your kids Fisher-Price easel. Hell, grab some chalk and go at the windows Russell Crowe style in A Beautiful Mind.

Dantonio is getting ready, what is your excuse.

Drink. A lot.

This one hits pretty close to home. Time to crack open a few Two Hearted's and think about what could have been.

Suck It Up and Watch Anyway

Just because Izzo and the boys are out doesn't mean there isn't some good basketball left. Plus,out of all the teams in the Sweet Sixteen we beat 5 of them this year. Hold onto that fact and mumble it quietly over your beer while you hate watch Duke and bury your sadness in ANOTHER burger at Crunchy's.