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Michigan State's Tom Izzo Isn't a Fan of Intra-Conference Transfers

"The animosity, the hatred, the stories, it's difficult."

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Michigan State Spartans basketball coach Tom Izzo may be looking at the transfer market himself this offseason, but don't expect him to seek any Big Ten players.

Izzo appeared on WVFN in Lansing and spoke out against the practice of players transferring within the conference.

Here's what he said according to

"If you transfer within the league, people say we shouldn't be able to tell guys where to go, but when you start getting transfers within a league, the animosity, the hatred, the stories, it's difficult."

Players couldn't transfer within the Big Ten — at least not without losing their scholarships — prior to 2011. The rule changed five years ago while still mandating the loss of a year of eligibility in most cases. It has since gained in popularity.

Javon Bess and Marvin Clark both plan to transfer from MSU, and are not restricted in choosing their destinations. The Spartans have three open scholarships going into next season.

More than 700 college basketball players transferred last year, up from around 200 a decade ago.