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A Few TOC Updates

Just a few things as we move into the LONG summer.

Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Some of you have reached out wondering who this weird "Dom" dude is. Posting on the site so much and talking to people on Twitter. I get it, #StangerDanger.

Well, this post is so I can say "Hi. My name is Dom and I am the new Managing Editor for The Only Colors!" Now that we got that out of the way, I was raised right down the road in Grand Ledge and while I did not graduate from MSU, I bleed Green and White and am excited to dive in deeper with everyone and really just have some freakin' fun here.

Big thanks to my predecessor, Joe Tuohey. Joe is going to be taking some well deserved time off but you will see him back on the site come the fall for some football hot takes. Also, feel free to harass him this summer on twitter and let him know you are glad he left the same time #FireRexrode did. Or you can tweet at him and ask him to come back because the new guy Dom really sucks. Either or.

As far as things go this summer, we are going to be keep our ear to the recruitment trail and getting you fine Spartans all the news you can handle, we will be doing some player profiles, some open thread discussions, and just some fun things all around while we wait for kickoff next year.

Another few things to mention, we have added a few writers these last few weeks so make sure to give Jason Marcum and Jackson Griske some love. Jason will be manning the news desk to bring some quick hits to you along side Haisten and Jackson has a ton of experience with the basketball team so be on the look out for some awesome pieces from him.

That is all I have for now. Feel free to hit me up on Twitter or email me any suggestions at

Cheers and #GoGreen