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Connor Cook Slips Out of the First Round

Twitter Hacks and Major Trades Highlighted the First Round

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Thursday night came and went. Connor Cook's phone may have rung, but it was not an NFL team.

It does not come as a total surprise that his name was not called by the commissioner last night as many of the experts had him projected best case scenario a low first rounder. Former NFL Player and scout Louis Reddick was the highest on cook, projecting him as the 29th pick the Cardinals, while many had him a potential pick up by the Super Bowl champion Denver Broncos.

The way things played out last night was a different story. Goff and Wentz went one and two as many people predicted to the Rams and Eagles respectively and that is when things changed around a bit. Ohio State standouts Joey Bosa and Mr Croptop, Ezekiel Elliot went 3 and 4 respectively. Where things got incredibly interesting was when news started to break that Old Miss OT Laremy Tunsil had his Twitter and Instagram "Hacked" and photos surfaced of him taking hits off a bong while wearing a gas mask appeared on his Twitter about 15 minutes before the draft started.

This was actually pretty good news for former Spartan, Jack Conklin as his draft stock immediately rose because, you know, he did smoke pot out of a gas mask and have it put up online 15 minutes before the commissioner of the NFL was going to call his name and make him a millionaire. The Titans ended up trading up to the 8th pick and Conk became a Titan.

It however seemed to mix things around quite a bit as Tunsil feel other teams passed and took different needs than they originally thought. This all ended up with the Jets, the next team in desperate need of a QB, to pass on Paxton Lynch and take Darron Lee, the OLB from Ohio State instead. With Lynch still available and the Broncos not wanting to chance staying at the 31st pick, they traded with Seattle and ended up picking up Lynch with the 26th pick. Hope was still out there for Cook to get the call but that was ended quickly when Arizona selected Robert Nkemdiche from Mississippi.

The only question now is where is Cook going to end up. Conventional wisdom would have him being the first pick in the second round and ending up down the road from where he grew up, with the Browns. Now while a hometown story would be nice, Cleveland is not known for their storied history of drafting winning quarterbacks. Cook has a pro ready arm, but he would undoubtedly end up as the starting quarterback, in a Browns organization that so mishandled their LAST high draft pick of a quarterback Mr. Football himself, Manziel.

If he does slip past the Browns at 32 he very well could end up in slipping to 40 and being drafted by the NY Giants. many people believe that Cook will not fall this low as even Vegas has set the over under of his draft position at 39.5, but having a few years behind a two-time champion in Eli Manning could do Cook some good, give him some time to learn the offense, and save him from the dumpster fire that is the Cleveland Browns.

Only time will tell as the second and third rounds begin tonight at 7pm ET on Watch ESPN