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Friday Night's Special? Fresh #Disrespekt

Connor Cook once again looks at a cell phone that is not ringing.

Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

Hello, I will be your waiter. The special tonight is a fresh batch of #Disrespekt.

-The NFL, probably

I woke up on Friday and I thought "Okay, our boy slipped a little. Nothing to worry about." And so with a smile on my face and the fight song in my heart (Not to mention a few IPAs in my belly) I tuned in thinking that Cook was going to get drafted in the beginning of the first round. I was about ready to call my buddy in Vegas, seeing as the over/under on Cooks Draft Position was set at 39.5. Take the under, it's a stone cold lock.

Well, I will admit that I was a bit relieved when Cook's name was NOT called by the Cleveland Browns. While Connor might be the best QB they could have drafted in the last decade, they pulled a Cleveland and messed something up. SO the picks continued to come in. I perked up around the 40th pick, when the NY Giants were on the clock. I thought it would be a good fit. Throw him in a backup role behind Eli (who is turning 35 and will not have the longevity that his brother did) and let him get some reps behind the king of the awkward resting face. Face aside, that dude has a sick target in Odell Beckham Jr, two Super Bowl rings and a relatively weak NFC East that is ripe for a playoff run.

Well, we know that didn't happen but I wasn't offended. The TRUE #disrespekt was served up on a platter when Chad Pennington walked out of stage looking all Chad Pennington-esque and announced that 51st overall the Jets are taking Christian Hackenberg. CHRISTIAN HACKENBERG?! They guy came back and everyone said he was going to be a star NFL QB. Every Penn State game they talked about him, he was a preseason pick for the Heisman. He ended up finishing 2015 9th in passing yards, total touch downs and completions IN THE BIG TEN. Not in the country. In his own conference. Maybe another bullet dodged, who wants to play Tom Brady twice a year?

SO we moved onto the third round and still no other QBs. The Browns had another pick coming up and they again, passed on Cook which made you wonder if they were going to draft a QB at all. Surely they would not pass on the all-time winningest QB in Michigan State history. A Rose Bowl Winner. A Big Ten Championship MVP. No way would they pick someone else. No way in hell.

There was a bright spot in my night (other than realizing my girlfriend made mini-cupcakes earlier that day) and that was Shilique Calhoun going 75th to the Oakland Raiders. Those boys in the Bay are putting some stock in stepping up their defense. Calhoun is going to be a hybrid DE/LB in the next level and I could see him making some waves. Big ups, to Oakland on a solid steal.

Well the third round was coming to a close and I thought that maybe Connor might end up with the hoodie and be packing his bags for New England. Think about it. Sit behind arguably the best QB in the history of the league. Have a chance to work with the best QB coach around in Josh McDaniels. Brady is out for the first four weeks (hit me up on Twitter if you want to talk about what I think about that) so you know Cook would get some preseason reps. You have a team with a chip on their shoulder. You have a QB who thought he was going to be drafted in the 1st round. Seemed like a good fit. And just like the AFC Championship game, I was let down by the Patriots as Jacob Brissett(?!?!?) from NC State was drafted. I was on Facebook Live at the moment this happened and there was a collective shock that swept across all of us. How could this be? And to add a little side of disrespekt to go with the entree I have not finished, the Browns took Cody Kessler from USC with the 93rd pick.

Needless to say, I wasn't sure what just happened. Did teams really care that he was not a captain THAT MUCH? Did he forget the english language in his interviews? Did he kick a puppy or something? Maybe he said he didn't like Beyonce and no one thought they could trust him...

Whatever it was, I am sitting here on Saturday, waiting to see what happens. Looks like he might be returning to Jerry's World again, but this time wearing the star. Kiper and McShay have him as the best player available so only time will tell. All I know is someone is going to get a QB who feels like he has everything to prove and that is not the worst thing to happen.

Check out round 4-7 on ESPN at 12PM ET