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Jack Conklin is the NFL Draft's Saltiest Pick

Conklin may have to move inside in the NFL, but his demeanor makes him a perfect fit on the offensive line.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Jack Conklin impressed just about everyone during his tenure with the Michigan State Spartans. Now, with the NFL Draft upon us, he's got to impress scouts assessing his pro potential.

Conklin has at least caught the eye of retired NFL player and SB Nation contributor Stephen White, who says the left tackle will "cockroach a man."

(That's a good thing, by the way.)

White does predict Conklin will need to move to the guard position, or at least right tackle, because he's a scrappy run blocker. Guards tend to rely more on brute force, while tackles are more athletic.

Check out White's full, detailed analysis here, but I'll leave you with this excerpt:

Jack Conklin isn't on the same level as Laremy Tunsil or Ronnie Stanley, but he is surely worth a first-round pick. Not only because of his play, but also his salty on-field demeanor, which will probably be a hit in any locker room. If you are a team who already has an established left tackle but still needs help on the offensive line, you could do a lot worse than Conklin.