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Andre Rison Praises Mark Dantonio as a Former Player, Parent

Rison's son is verbally committed to Michigan State.

Former Michigan State Spartans and NFL star Andre Rison has a unique perspective on the program as both a parent and former player.

In the above video from, Rison talks about Spartans coach Mark Dantonio. Rison played at MSU in the late 1980s and his son Hunter Rison could end up as part of the team's 2017 recruiting class.

"He's won more games than any coach there, and he continues to win," Rison says of Dantonio. "I think he wins over a lot of parents by showing you a genuine father away from the house.

Rison went on to win a Super Bowl with the Green Bay Packers, and tacked on a CFL championship with the Toronto Argonauts in 2004.

"He's allowed me to be a part of the program even when Hunter was in junior high," Rison says. "That speaks volumes when a coach comes in, takes over and sets his ground, but also respects the alumni."