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Player profile for Miles Bridges

High-flying Miles Bridges at 6'7" looks to make a huge impact at Michigan State this season at the small forward position this year.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Miles Bridges has already made a name for himself before even stepping on the court at the Breslin Center. Bridges was selected to several high-school all-star games this winter, including the McDonald's All-American game and the Jordan Classic in New York. Bridges moved to the state of West Virginia after his freshman season in high school for better nation-wide recognition at Huntington Prep High School, where he nearly averaged a double-double as just a sophomore, along with playing for The Family AAU team located in Detroit, Michigan, where he bean playing with future MSU teammate Cassius Winston.

Bridges is already a projected top-20 pick in the 2017 draft, even though he has not played a minute of college ball yet. Standing at 6'7", Bridges presents a versatile and athletic skill set, bringing to the table a deadly threat that will nearly be impossible to guard at the small forward position. Fans in East Lansing can expect Bridges to be the target of many alley-oops thrown by AAU teammate Cassius Winston, who has a knack for finding big men in the air and having them throw it down. Hopefully he makes the Michigan State athletic department purchase a few more backboards because he shatters a few.

With Denzel Valentine leaving East Lansing this past season, Bridges will basically have the red carpet rolled out for him as he strolls his was into the starting lineup, and into the many cheers of the Breslin Center crowd, in what hopefully last more than just a year.