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Coach Dantonio Expects Juniors to Lead Team

He and AD Mark Hollis discuss Notre Dame, Junior leadership and more

NCAA Football: Jacksonville State at Michigan State Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

In a sport where you typically only have 4 years to mature before moving on you tend to have the leadership coming from your Seniors but this year's Michigan State team could have the leadership come from a different place.

"This is a Junior led team. We have some seniors that are very strong as well, but I think this is a Junior led team.", Dantonio said on WKAR's MSU Today. Dantonio went on to mention that he feels that the QB situation is "solid" and that he is happy with the tackling on the perimeter and that the Spartans have some big play receivers and some great backs returning.

Hollis and Dantonio also discussed the return of Notre Dame to the Spartan's schedule. MSU will travel to South Bend in September in what will be and early season test for the Spartans. This is the first in a home and away with ND, who Dantonio calls a rival to MSU.