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Michigan State Junior Cam Vieaux Drafted by Pittsburgh Pirates

The redshirt Junior is the 195th pick

Frozen Moment

The MLB Draft just got a little more Green and White.

With the 195th pick in the 2016 MLB Draft the Pittsburg Pirates selected the Redshirt Junior, Cam Vieaux from Michigan State. Vieaux is the first Spartan to be drafted in this years draft.

Cam put up a great season for the Spartans, posting a record of 7-4 with an ERA of 2.28 and 77 strikeouts. Vieaux also put his name in the record books for Michigan State as he became the most accomplished pitcher in school history as he became not only the overall wins leader (17) but also notched the most strikeouts in a career (206) per MSU Athletics.

Cam was drafted with the 580th pick of the 2015 Draft to the Detroit Tigers but turned down the offer and came back for his junior year. He has until August 15 to decide if he is going to accept the offer or if he is going to come back to Eat Lansing for his senior year.

Check out Cam’s scouting report via MLB below: