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Michigan State at 30/1 Odds to Win College Football Playoff

Spartans Behind Notre Dame, OSU, and Michigan according to Vegas

NCAA Football: Big Ten Championship-Iowa vs Michigan State Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

We have spent plenty of time over the last few weeks lamenting over the straight #Disrespekt that Michigan State has been getting throw our way. While ESPN thinks that Dantonio is the most stable coach in the Big Ten and Sparty is being heralded as the best mascot in the Big Ten (read: country), we are still projected to end up third in our division as we watch the team from Ann Arbor rise from the ashes and the transformation of Harbaugh from mortal into deity will be complete.

All that being said has cause the great odds makers in the desert to set the futures for the national championship and according to your boys from East Lansing are coming in at 30/1. There are ten teams with chances greater than Sparty, including Notre Dame (18/1), Ohio St (15/2) and Michigan (8/1).

Now I am no betting man (Just kidding, I won 40 on Golden State last night) but I am figuring that 30/1 sounds pretty good. Even though ND, OSU and UofM are all on the schedule this year, it is shaping up to be one of those seasons where MSU just needs to take care of business week in and week out and they will find themselves right back in the field of four.

Here are the odds so far:

Team Odds
Alabama 7/1
Clemson 15/2
Ohio State 15/2
Michigan 8/1
LSU 12/1
Florida State 14/1
Oklahoma 14/1
Tennessee 15/1
Notre Dame 18/1
Stanford 28/1
Michigan State 30/1
Ole Miss 32/1
Georgia 33/1
UCLA 33/1
Auburn 35/1
Baylor 35/1
TCU 40/1
Washington 45/1
Oregon 48/1
Florida 50/1