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Tom Izzo: We All Learned How Valuable Draymond Green Is

Coach speaks on Green during appearance on The Dan Patrick Show

Tom Izzo is big fan of Draymond Green, and for good reason. Izzo even donned Golden State Warriors gear earlier in the NBA playoffs to show his support.

Above, watch as Izzo makes an appearance on The Dan Patrick Show to talk about his former player.

"He’s always been a passionate guy," Izzo says, praising his drive and will to win.

The Michigan State Spartans coach likes Green’s enthusiasm especially, saying he’d rather take 100 Draymonds and have to coach them down on passion rather than try to coach someone up.

"He’s really a smart kid, believe it or not, a really smart kid."

Izzo says he does not look at Green as a dirty player, and never has, even though Green has gotten himself in trouble with discipline a few times.

"I think he’s going to grow from this, lean from this, and I think we all learned how valuable he is to that team," Izzo says. "There’s not many guys that can do as many things as he does."