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How Close Was Tom Izzo to Coaching the Cleveland Cavaliers?

"I guess I'm just a college guy."

Tom Izzo is a legendary coach with the Michigan State Spartans and a member of the Naismith basketball hall of fame, but six summers ago he was the rumored future coach of the Cleveland Cavaliers.

It was the same summer LeBron James infamously made "The Decision" and left Ohio, only to return four years later. Why do I bring all this up? Because Izzo made an appearance today on The Dan Patrick Show and was grilled on the subject once more. You can watch the exchange up top.

Izzo was definitely impressed by Cavs owner Dan Gilbert, himself a Michigan State grad, but Izzo says "I guess I'm just a college guy."

When asked if there was an official offer, Izzo says "we talked seriously, yea," but also describes a lot of turbulence and many unknowns, the biggest of all being whether or not James was going to stay or go.

Patrick asks Izzo directly if he'd take the job knowing James was going to stay. Izzo doesn't quite give a direct answer, but the show's host says it sounds like a yes.

Patrick grills Izzo even further when it comes to when he found out James was leaving. Again, Izzo insists he had no idea until everyone else found out on TV.

It's always a fun subject to talk about, but it all seemed to work out, especially for MSU.