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Why Denzel Valentine is the Perfect Fit for “The Hoopers”

Forget the draft, this is the perfect fit for Denzel

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We all know how much the NBA loves State Farm (or is it how much State Farm loves NBA?). Either way there is a relationship there and it is showcased perfectly in the family sitcom/commercial we now lovingly know as “The Hoopers”.

The Hoopers
State Farm

Now, in the weeks leading up to the NBA Draft we have seen more an more national attention going to our very own, Denzel Valentine. One of those has been a commercial with the aforementioned State Farm on the future of the assist:

While this is nothing too funny, it got me thinking. Denzel has one of those contagious smiles. A personality that comes through and he is just smart enough to pull off the role of a lifetime as the Steve Urkel character in the next round of The Hoopers commercials.

Just think about it. Denzel in some black framed glasses, suspenders and that gap toothed smile. Here is a potential scene.

Valentine as Urkel: Hey there, Hoopers. You are looking gorgeous today, Mrs. Hooper!

Chris Paul as the dad: What do you want Denzel?

Denzel: I brought some more dimes for ‘Lil Kev and Baby Dame to drop in the remix of “Droppin’ Dimes”

Denzel throws a roll of dimes behind his back and Lil Kev (wearing his championship ring) catches the dimes and throws them everywhere, breaking the TV. Grampa Garnett just shakes his head. Enter State Farm neighbor.

State Farm Guy: Good thing that is covered.

Denzel: [Looks at Camera] Did I do that?

This is brilliant. Make it happen, State Farm.