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Michigan State's Mark Dantonio Ranked Fifth-Best Coach in the Country

Look, someone else isn't expecting the other shoe to drop either!

Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

Mark Dantonio is one of the best coaches in the nation, and the Michigan State Spartans will be one of the best teams again in 2016.

With many predicting a big step back for MSU, The Sporting News dropped some knowledge in ranking Mark Dantonio its fifth-best coach nationally.

In other words, don't expect any steps back as long as he's on the sidelines:

Last Year: 3
Record: 87-33 (105-50)
Lowdown: Stop waiting for the other shoe to drop. It's not going to happen under Dantonio. Sure, the Cotton Bowl hurt, but the Spartans still have 11 or more wins in five of the last six seasons. They've won the Big Ten two of the last three years, and Ohio State and Michigan come to East Lansing this year. Michigan State is an elite program now thanks to Dantonio. It's not going to change.


In case you're wondering, the coaches who placed above Dantonio were Clemson's Dabo Swinney, Florida State's Jimbo Fisher, Urban Meyer of Ohio State and Jim Harbaugh of Michigan.

Just playing, Saban got the top spot. Harbaugh was No. 6.